Party rules


Åre has a wonderful night life!

We hope you have as much fun as a guest with us, but please stick to the bars and nightclubs.

Unfortunately, for some reason we have tightened our rules. We must guarantee that every guest can come to a fresh accommodation with nice and clean fixtures.

Are you going to invite to an after party? Then you should book another accommodation – with us it is forbidden, and it can be very expensive.


During exposed weeks such as Russfest, Student Weeks and Easter, we have extra tight control and security companies check your accommodation at regular intervals.
Upon arrival, passports must be presented to everyone living in the apartment
A security deposit of SEK 10,000 / apartment will be charged during these periods, which will be returned in full unless the accommodation is returned in acceptable condition.
Audits will take place before your departure

It is completely prohibited with party in your apartment and it should be so quiet after 10 pm that no neighbors are disturbed.

If we receive a note or statement that there is / has been a party in your accommodation, the following applies:

  • The person who is responsible for your booking is the one who becomes responsible for payment
  • You will immediately be divested of your accommodation without compensation for the remaining paid days and you will have 30 minutes to gather your belongings
  • The disruptive party is always charged with a starting cost of SEK 10,000, and in addition there are fees for:
  • Remediation of body fluids SEK 5,000 / pc
    Handling broken glass on benches or floors SEK 500 / place
  • Cleaning (cleaning) of apartment from SEK 2,000
  • Replacement of all pillows, duvets and sheets – 1,500 per set (all beds are always covered for safety reasons)
  • Washing sofa from SEK 1,000
  • Stained or destroyed equipment is charged with new price + time for procurement + shipping
  • Re-allocation of guests who would check in after you are charged with non-payment of income + price of new accommodation.
  • If you check out later than agreed, a stagnant cost of SEK 500 per hour per cleaning staff will be charged.