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Åre Travel is a real estate agent in the central part of Åre and Åre Sadeln, and we have welcomed satisfied guests since 2014. We provide apartments, villas, and cottages with the best location around Åre village center, ski-in area at Tottliften or View slope.  You can choose between premium objects, functional accommodation, budget options, or accommodation where animals are welcome. Regardless of the season, there is always something unique to experience in Åre and its mountain world. Take part in fantastic skiing, magical hiking, world class downhill, or other unique experiences. We help you find accommodation that allows you to get the most out of your visit, regardless of whether you are a private person on holiday. This company wants to organize conferences, or if you have other needs. We also have Mood Managers who carry out most service assignments. If you choose to book one of our accommodations, they can help you with cleaning or rental of bed linen. If you own a home in Åre that you want help to take care of, they can also perform property maintenance, snow removal, ground maintenance, window cleaning, and cottage service. Contact us today for a unique experience.

Åre Travel 

We have been renting out apartments in Åre since 2014

Beds in central Åre

Central apartments

Villas for many guests

Average distance from the slope




Lodging services



Comfortable top location apartments 4-8 people

Out trendy and cozy apartments are located in the heart of Åre, on Åre Square/Ski-in or walking distance to ski lifts.

  • 2-3 bedrooms
  • Great location
  • Private bathroom – most with sauna

The conference, family reunion, or wedding?

We have several accommodations to book the whole house or with apartments located in the same association.

24 people / Tottbacken
16 people / Tottvillan
40 people / Tottbacken + Tottvillan
32 people / Brygghusen
12 people / Villa Solbringen

We have several accommodations that welcome pets

Central apartment or luxury large villa – we have several options for you and your pet. Pets are welcome at an extra fee. Tottvillan and several apartments in Brygghusen for example.


Lodging services

One of Åre’s best residents got a boost with Åre Travel. Susanne and Anders Thorell are the owners of Tottvillan, a fantastic house in a lodge character that is beautifully situated on Tottbacken 14. The house consists of two apartments right by Tottliften that take you directly into the entire Åre ski system and was built in 2003. Two years later, Susanne and Anders took over the ownership and they have used Åre Travel as a mediator of their accommodation since 2020. They have also hired Åre Travel’s subsidiary Mood Managers for cleaning, property management and all kinds of service since then. – Åre Travel is a necessity for us who do not live permanently in Åre, with their all-inclusive service. In addition to taking care of our guests, they take care of all property services such as window cleaning, patrolling, maintenance and snow removal. We have a long-term mindset in the ownership of Pensionat Tottvillan and continuously make a maintenance plan to ensure that the villa is always in top condition, says Susanne Thorell. Åre Travel started in 2014 to fill a gap for those who want exceptional experiences and first-class service when they visit Åre. For landlords, Åre Travel has also become a successful partner. – Åre Travel has definitely increased our rental and now we have occupancy all year round. They have also succeeded in raising revenues significantly for us – even though it has been a year of Corona pandemic. They are not the cheapest rental company in the village – but Åre Travel makes sure that both we and they make money from the agency, and there will be more at the checkout in the end. It is also nice that the guests who stay with us get the service they are worth during their stay in Åre. We have been looking for someone who has taken and invested in the segment we are in. We strive for top quality with Tottvillan. Åre Travel offers the complete package to help us succeed with it, says Susanne.

Susanne Thorell

Owner, Pensionat Tottvillan

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TOTTBACKEN for you who want experiences beyond the choice


Luxury apartments with extra everything, of course right by the slopes

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Guest reviews

Had a wonderful week with friends and the accommodation played a big role in this. Very fresh apartment close to everything in the village and almost the most important, the slopes. Highly affordable and highly recommend it to future travelers! 5/5

Convenient with luggage storage on arrival and departure, you have really thought of every detail.

Incredibly good location and nice apartments! Perfect if you want to be close to the hill and everything else! ⛷
5/5 !!!!!

The accommodation was absolutely magical! Great location, comfy beds and a wonderful bathroom.

The apartment is very centrally located. It was warm and meets all your basic needs. We were given access to a warm service station where we could store luggage outside of check in and check out and have tea and coffee.