Taking the car to Åre is a freedom to discover the entire Åre Mountains. Many people choose to take the car up, so it is best to pre-book parking.

Here we have collected parking at Åre square, near the lift, indoor parking, parking for electric cars and mobile home parking. 

Parking right in the center of Åre
We at Åre Travel offer our guests several parking spaces in the center of Åre with engine heaters that can be pre-booked from SEK 115/day

Indoor parking
We at Åre Travel offer our guests garage parking at certain accommodations, or in Åre village.
Åre Station Below ICA Åre there is indoor parking which also offers charging for electric cars between 7-22. 

Electric car charging in Åre

  1. If you book Brygghusen in Åre, charging outside the house is offered
  2. Skistars parking at WC8, Årevägen 170 (free parking when charging).
  3. Skistar parking at VM6, Trondheimsleden 52
  4. Skistars car parks in Rödkullen, Ullådalen 230
  5. Kyrkägdan, Sankt Olavsväg 20< /span>
  6. Holiday Club Åre, Åre Strand 48
  7. Coop Åre, Årevägen 53
  8. Draklanda, Årevägen 162
  9. Station Åre, Sankt Olavsväg 33
  10. Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Copperhillvägen 56

Parking at the lifts
There are parking spaces at almost every lift.
When you buy the Skistar All lift pass, parking is included. At 9-16 there is paid parking, the rest of the time some car parks are free.

1. VM8, Årevägen 170

2. The VM6 /Kabinbanan/ WC lift, Trondheimsleden 52

3. Ullådalen, (free)

4. Western part of the Rödkullen parking lot

Free parking
Updated May 27, subject to change

  1. Ullådalen
  2. Duved
  3. Tegefjäll

Mobile home parking

1. Kyrklägdan, Sankt Olavsväg 20 (1 May- 30 Nov).

3. Åre Camping in Såå, offers mobile home camping, So 392
< /a>

Night train and luggage to Åre?

Most people know that it is possible to take the night train to Åre, which we think is fantastic in terms of sustainability, and makes Åre open to everyone. The night train arrives in the morning, but check-in at the accommodation is in the afternoon. This can always...

Do you have a dog or other pet and want to book accommodation in Åre?

"We love animals, of course your pet will come along!" Accommodation in Åre that allows dogs or other pets: Freestyle 304 on Åre Torg (6+2 pers)Mitt i Åre 1 611 (6+2 pers)Mitt i Åre 1 614 (6 pers)Olympiabacken (6 pers)Tottvillan 14:1 and  Tottvillan 14:2 Brygghuset 4,...

Åre’s summer 2023

Höghöjdsbana i Åre Björnen I Åre Björnen byggs för fullt genom Skistars sommarsatsning ”Skistar sports & adventures”. Höghöjdsbanan kommer ha hela 10 olika banor med olika svårighetsgrader där dem ligger alltifrån 0,5 m- 12 meter högt upp i luften. Ingen...

Autumn holidays in Åre – fun for the whole family

Autumn holidays in Åre are a week filled with coziness and experiences for the whole family. Crafts, outdoor cooking, torchlight processions, pony rides and other fun activities are organized, and there are endless outdoor activities for all ages. Why not visit...

Åre Chokladfabrik – handmade pralines since 1991

We at Åre Travel highly recommend a visit to Åre Chokladfabrik, which manufactures and sells handmade chocolate pralines in Åre. Together with around 20 employees, ten million chocolate pralines are manufactured per year, which are sold via approximately 1,500...

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Christmas in Åre

Meet Santa at Åre Torg Thousands of Christmas lights twinkle in the snow-covered trees and the magnificent Christmas tree stands proud in the middle of the square. The shed is decorated like a beautiful looking cabinet until December 23 when Santa moves in. Meet Åre...

Jul i Åre

Träffa Tomten på Åre Torg I de snöklädda träden glimmar tusentals juleljus och den magnifika julgranen stoltserar mitt på torget. Boden är pyntad som ett vackert tittskåp fram till den 23 dec då tomten flyttar in. Träffa Åre-tomten i hans lilla julstuga, mys runt...

Inversion in Åre

InversionBeing above clouds When it is foggy and chilly in Åre by, the weather report can in many cases show sun with bluesky and plus degrees on the top of Åreskutan. Then there is a thick cloud cover over the village. The feeling of being above the clouds is...

Hiking through Trollstigen

Trollstigen in ÅreStart: Ledcentralen at Timmerstugan/VM6.End: Åre FjällgårdenLength: Approx. 1.3 km single way Fairy-tale path among birch forest, trolls and other beings.Step through the Bifrost rainbow and experience Åredalen's magical path with legends from the...

Åre when it rains

5 things to do on a rainy day in Åre: Spa  in Åre Level Spa at Copperhill Mountain Lodge in Åre Björnen has a soothing atmosphere with an infinity pool and outdoor jacuzzi with a magical view of Åreskutan. Also a long swimming pool several saunas and a cold shower. If...